by Wind Up Bird

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Invention occurred between late 2012 in Seattle and 2014 in Athens.

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Nicholas.

Lyrics and vocals for 'What Dream' by Akai Longo.

Art by Hannah Letourneau.


released February 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Wind Up Bird New York, New York

waster in a master chair forgot the lines and she only once got the chance of a deathspace to engage us and this is the result

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Track Name: Table
you suddenly drown me out.
where do you get off?
she traced and cut me out
on the kitchen floor.
truly soaking up,
you're bleaching all your hair
like I always liked.

southern sail,
now Im down,
listen now
everywhere baby, now.
you break your tail,
now its gonna be a good night.

I had a dream that you were needed,
but I can't relate at all.
how dare,
I dared to recognize
a sudden look in your mouth,
your teeth are always loud
but never when they need a god.

little girl praying to the cosmos every night.
alright, goodnight little girl.
Track Name: Pray
save the time in the lights alone
see the pain in the way that you're waking up
save the time in the lights alone
every piece of the cabinet of the law
save the time and tonight is alone
and I tell you well till you have the know
they can't see the places
falls dripping all the time of the daysick town
in the nice invitations
I will take a piece of what your on

I can't wait to tell you
I can't even wait till tomorrow comes
but I can't even tell the time
we would say you could try but it would save no one

I heard you said it to the microphone
with your retirement candle on
in the basement of californ
you're ok, you little micro form little baby
now I can make you falling down
Track Name: What Dream
crying out and seeing stars
finding names for recognition
please forget your analytics

get gone

concrete notions don't have any
eruption into consciousness
of an unconscious content

I am fine with dreaming heavy

close your eyes and tell me
what do you see
what do you need
and tell me what do you see

just don't stop breathing steady
I'm fine with dreaming heavy
Track Name: Little Grain
have a taste of every little grain of sand
on the beach in your favorite dream
make a world of color wrapped around it
gift wrap it in a little lock box
where you go,
I don't know if I ever really did

home gone
thinking out

if I ever really did
on the beach of my dream
a color lock box
little grain of sand